Dye Stuff Art

Acquiring a personal genre in textile art is a challenge that I thrive on, but it has become my goal to develop a recognizable style. Currently my work is using photo printing in piecing and then enhancing the top with quilting. Apparently Quilts is what I call this contemporary style.

Travel the Enchanting Rhine aboard the AMAKRISTINA for a 7-night river cruise. October 28 - November 4th, 2017, with me. We will be going to Amsterdam to Basel.
Call Renee or Carlos at 702-956-1900 or cboozer@cruiseplanners.com

Come on Princess Cruise Line, February 7-22, 2017, with me and my fellow teachers Ann Turley and Linda Pohlenz. We will be going to Honolulu, Kauai, Maui, Hilo, and Ensenada.
Call Renee or Carlos at 702-956-1900 or cboozer@cruiseplanners.com




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